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BAUWELTEN Neufeldzubringer

A visual journey following a tunnel construction.

With his unique and unusual way of seeing things, Roland Vögtli was following the progress of a tunnel construction at the Neufeld site in Bern, Switzerland. During the two years, numerous surprising photographs have been taken and they now have found together in this wonderful photo book. Prepare to be surprised and let go of your assumptions and beliefs towards a construction site...

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Bauwelten::Neufeldzubringer Fotobuch
Bauwelten::Neufeldzubringer Fotobuch
Bauwelten::Neufeldzubringer FotobuchBauwelten::Neufeldzubringer Fotobuch

Bauwelten::Neufeldzubringer FotobuchBauwelten::Neufeldzubringer Fotobuch

Softcover, 110 pages,
80 photographs:

SFr. 44.- (€ 30.-)


inside Europe

inside Switzerland

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Virtual Exhibition:

Here you find a selection of the photographs in a virtual Exhibition.