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Punctum Gallery
Where it matters what you see.

Various assorted collections of my photographic work. I invite you on a pleasurable journey full of small and big wonders. A journey through a world of colour and form beyond the thing.

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A perfect symbiosis of a carefully selected image with a surface whose emptiness is pure invitation. Invitation to bring thought pictures into word pictures or into symbolic sketches or into nothing but meaningful silence.

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Carefully crafted collector edition photo books for you and anyone who just loves the smell and feeling of a paper page turning, revealing the next splendid and engaging photograph. Often perfectly blended with a sensible choice of words.

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Immerse yourself deeper, awaken and expand your own perception and creative competence - in courses and seminars with constructive fun and a lasting effect. One to multiple days of hands on courses, focused on your individual goals and practical knowledge.

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Image observation / image analysis. The creative and ultimately useful guide to constructive image viewing.

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About me

Visionary, dreamer, therapist, coach, teacher, photographer, philosopher. Always a mixture of all that... My passion is to follow the simplicity that makes it easy for the viewer to be enchanted by the beauty of everyday objects.


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