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About me


More than 20 years ago I made my first experiences with photography with a pinhole camera and a darkroom. Soon I acquired my first "real" camera and started to do extensive photo tours. Most of the time I stood in the darkroom for even longer and developed with Tetenal developer my TMax 400 and Agfa-Pan 25 films and made lots of prints of questionable quality on Ilford papers. While the fascination with technology was still in the foreground, my interest changed over time, away from the focus fetish to visual communication.

Just like the professional change from chemical laboratory technician to computer scientist and therapist in my own practice, I made the change from analog to digital photography a few years ago. For me, this change meant above all an immense increase in artistic freedom. Less costs, less waste, more possibilities, more time to deal with the motifs, to deal with perception and visual language.


“When words become unclear, I shall focus with photographs. When images become inadequate, I shall be content with silence.” — Ansel Adams

In my training as a phytotherapist, medical masseur, then naturopath, NLP Master (Neurolinguistic programming) and then children and youth coach, I dealt extensively with human perception, with systemic influences and with philosophical questions about the world and its creatures. These aspects now flow very strongly into my understanding of photography. For me, photography creates a stage for the emotions and thoughts of the viewer. Photography as an expression of inner worlds. Thus I use photography also in my therapeutic activity as visual metaphor work, completely particularly in the range of the creative mourning work.

Great photography is about depth of feeling, not depth of field.” — Peter Adams

On this website you will find products of my work, e.g. pictures, exhibition sequences and photo books, but also information about courses in the field of photography, perception and creativity promotion. For information from my other fields of activity, I cordially invite you to visit the specific websites.

For your questions, comments and concerns I am gladly there. Contact me via contact form, may, phone or one of the social media channels. I am looking forward to it.


Best regards,
Roland Vögtli