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Photobooks :: Picture worlds to enjoy - page by page.

Enjoy the wondrous moment when your fingers feel the gentle resistance of the paper and the turning of the page is like opening a small wonder bag and the magic of the emerging image flows into your world.

The photo books are essentially created out of personal motivation, free from commercial striving.

Actual works

"bauwelten neufeldzubringer"

The slightly different view of a tunnel construction site

A construction project changes the living environment of the residents. A photographic work documents the company with a surprising perspective: The building site not as a dusty restriction of the quality of life, but as a source of visual marvels full of aesthetics.

With his peculiar point of view, Roland Vögtli followed the construction of the Neufeld tunnel photographically for several years. This resulted in many surprising, enchanting views of a construction site. Enjoy the pictures and let your beliefs fall over construction sites...

Softcover, 110 pages, 80 color images
SFr. 36.- (€ 32)

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A photographic and literary journey through grief, back to life.

A father tells his deceased child the shared story. A book on the subject of stillbirth / early infant death. Expressive, emotional images and sensitive texts lead you on a journey through grief, back to a confident life. The book "Sternspuren" offers insight into the dimensions of mourning for a deceased child, visualizes and describes the steps of a possible mourning process.

Softcover, 65 pages, 40 images
SFr. 32.- (€ 29)

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"Resurrection H113"

The Resurrection of an Old Lady

res•ur•rec•tion \re-zə-rek-shən\
1. The act of rising from the dead or returning to life.
2. The state of one who has returned to life.
3. The act of bringing back to practice, notice, or use; revival.

An artistic accompaniment of a roof and terrace renovation of a centennial house.
A surprising and fun photographic journey (not only for roofers and homeowners).

Hardcover, 68 pages, 50 images
SFr. 22.- (€ 20)

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In the works

The following works are currently in preparation. If you would like to be informed about their publication, please leave me a corresponding message.

"50 shades of growth"

A voyage of discovery into the world of personal development impulses

The essence of conversations about personal growth with people between the ages of 8 and 88, in perfect symbiosis with images from the pool of contemplative images from my own photographic development. Inspiration in words and pictures.

Hardcover, 30x30cm, 120 pages, 50 colour images
SFr. 52.- (€45)

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("Otherworlds") Surprising views of a wondrous world

What remains and what appears newly when we stop prematurely attaching simple labels to things? A book that takes as its sole aim not to subject the view of the world to a fixed set of rules and thus discover magical different worlds.

Hardcover, 28x21cm, 100 pages, 85 color pictures
SFr. 36.- (€32)

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About me

Visionary, dreamer, therapist, coach, teacher, photographer, philosopher. Always a mixture of all that... My passion is to follow the simplicity that makes it easy for the viewer to be enchanted by the beauty of everyday objects.


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