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To perceive the world more directly, intensively, comprehensively. To break out of previous perspectives, to be able to observe things and processes from new and perhaps surprising perspectives and thus to receive new impulses for the design of everyday life. This is what you can expect when you enjoy one of my workshops or courses together with me.

I offer workshops and courses in which you can deal with your own creativity and perception in a personal, intensive but also playful and pleasurable way. The expansion of perception and the activation of creative potential not only has an effect on photography, but also forms the basis for an intensified encounter with the world. Photography is a creative medium in the courses. The effect of the workshops can then be seen where you want it most: in photography, in writing, in garden design, in partnership, in work...

themes like "seeing without eyes" or "the space in between" take you into a world where perception is not limited by premature pigeonholing, but where the beauty of things appears in places where you normally overlook them. In this way we open our channels of perception and feel enriched in everyday scenes and encounters.

The workshops offer small, well "digestible" bites, no complex educational excesses. Have fun and do a lot of exercises to give you tools for your own development far beyond the course. The photographers are enriched in their image worlds and rediscover the process of photographic seeing, everyone else will be able to walk through the world with "new eyes" and enjoy the effect of it in all possible areas of life.

The multi-day courses are ideal for intensive, concentrated and multi-layered experiences:

The liberation of seeing

We see what we know and believe. The accompanied exercises and discussions about visual obstacles allow us to recognize and break through the previous limitations of seeing. Thus scenes and motifs become visible to us that did not seem to exist before. A course not only for photographers. In this three-day course we will encounter the central elements of modules 1-5.
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The colours of mourning

Creative mourning with the means of photography. To transform mourning into a new affirmation of life, we give it an external form. With the help of photography and other creative techniques we will find ways and means to express our grief and thus begin a path of transformation towards a future worth living. A course not only for photographers.

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I offer the following contentwise and conceptually connected modules in workshop format. They complement each other wonderfully, but can also be attended individually and independently.

Colors beyond the form (#1)

Perception training & creativity training. Instructions for approaching colours, detached from the objects. Enrich your view of the world and your pictures (whether photographed, painted or imagined) with a new colorfulness. Guided exercises, free photography and joint picture discussion.
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The space in between (#2)

Looking beyond things, or more precisely: in between. We explore the space between things where relationships are built. Guided exercises, free photographing and joint image discussion bring these relationships into our photographic/visual work. The result is images that go beyond the mere documentation of things.

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Sehen ohne Augen (#3)

We perceive our world not only through our eyes, but with all five senses. In this workshop we practice using far more than just our eyes to grasp motives. We are inspired by the work of blind photographers. This gives our pictures a completely new component of the image's effect. An applied training of perception.
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Mehr als tausend Worte (#4)

Images that speak to us, that speak of our view of the world: visual metaphors say more than a thousand words. This workshop provides background knowledge on metaphors and offers with guided exercises, free photography and joint image discussion a lot of inspiration for the development of your own visual language. This is how images with meaning are created

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Metaphorische Bildwelten (#5)

A course on metaphors and the possibilities for their visualization: design rules, photographic techniques and processing steps for powerful images. The course offers concrete exercises and practical experience in metaphorical photography. You will quickly and efficiently find new ways to make stories and emotions shine in your images.

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Seeing with the heart

Photography is a form of communication and inner worlds, feelings, thoughts, values and concepts play at least as important a role as the visible details of the outer world. This workshop allows you to overcome any inhibitions you may have and thus opens doors and gates to your inner world. This will enable you to easily and intensively illuminate your very personal "heart's view of the world" in your pictures and thus enable the viewer to resonate with your inner world.

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Digital magic #1

Capturing digital images on the chip is quick. This course helps you to "develop" these raw images so that at the end they come close to the effect of the scene felt on site. We get to know the basics of image analysis so that we can use the image processing tools optimally and easily. An introductory course in targeted image processing.
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Digital magic #2

We refine our image analysis skills and learn to optimize images from a cinematic point of view. We learn to use light, color and sharpness in a way that optimally supports the desired image effect. A course that sharpens and expands perception, concretizes photographic work and enables fine tuning in the digital laboratory.

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The one-day seminars in Bern or selected other locations usually last about 8 hours (10-18 h) and cost between 180 and 220 SFr.

For the longer courses, such as "The Liberation of Vision" (3 days) or "Sternspuren" (3 or 4 days) the cost is 450 - 550 SFr.

For pupils, students, AHV recipients, disabled people or people in other situations with limited means but great motivation, I offer more favourable conditions - just contact me, we will find a suitable budget.


If you are organising a group of at least 4 people, I will be happy to organise a special course for you and your group. We can also determine the dates and location of the course together. The budget depends on the time and content, the topics, the attendance time and other factors. Please contact me and we will clarify the details. I look forward to your inquiry.



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