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Perception & Photography Workshop

The Liberation of SEEING

Bern, Switzerland: Wednesday, 12th of may 2021 - Sunday, 16th of may 2021.

We see what we know and believe. In this course we expand our previous way of seeing things. We explore the background of thinking images, what our brain makes out of the optical information of the eye. We learn to recognise and overcome our own previous beliefs about certain things/scenes/motifs. In the process, a new way of seeing emerges and we will freely experiment with this in five photographic blocks. After this course, you will also be able to discover familiar scenes in a completely new way and process them photographically.


The core topics of the 5 individual modules are integrated in this (master) course:

Day 1: Colours beyond form - Mittwoch, 12. Mai 2021, 10:00 - 18:00
Day 2: The space in between - Thursday, 13. Mai 2021, 10:00 - 18:00
Day 3: Seeing without eyes - Friday, 14. Mai 2021, 10:00 - 18:00
Day 4: More than a thousand words- Saturday, 15. Mai 2021, 10:00 - 18:00
Day 5: Metaphorical imagery- Sunday 16. Mai 2021, 10:00 - 17:00

It is possible to attend the days/modules individually and in any sequence. However, the sequential structure has the greatest effect. Thanks to the small groups, we can set personal focal points in all modules.


Bern, Switzerland.


SFr 250.- per Modul (Day) and person
SFr 1000.- Full course per person

Participation includes access to a virtual classroom for 6 months after the course for post-course exchanges with direct contact with the course leader.

The course modules take place in a safe and relaxed setting thanks to a careful Corona concept.

The core topics from these modules form the most important building blocks for the liberated way of seeing. In the process, with the help of easily digestible knowledge blocks and lots of practical exercises, we discover through the basics of seeing, the interpretation of what we see and the building blocks of a targeted image design:

Introduction to the methods of The Good Eye school of vision. Reflections on the theme of perception, thought-image and transformation of thought-images into a personal visual language. Applied image analysis as a tool for reflection on (one's own and others') images and creative, simple and effective exercises for new perspectives.

Colours beyond form. Experiencing colours without being hindered by forms. Immerse yourself in an undreamt-of intensity of the moment and direct experience with the effect of colour in scenes. Discover the impact potential of colours when they are given new freedom in your pictures..

Liberation from rigid concepts. Encountering the essence of things more freely. Experiencing how thought concepts can hinder a primary experience and finding ways to free ourselves from rigid thought patterns. This paves the way to experience the world in a surprising and fresh way and thus to open up completely new worlds of motifs. Even with motifs you have seen a hundred times before, you will discover new, interesting, surprising and thoroughly photogenic aspects.

Opening the channels of perception. Perception far beyond the visual sense. We make direct experiences with the richness that banality and everyday life offer and implement this in our pictures. Perceiving the world with all our senses and learning completely new approaches to image search and design in this new diversity of impressions.

The space in between. We discover the stage that opens up between things. This stage is available to us for our pictorial stories. We discover the power of relationships and use them for our visual worlds.

Metaphors and visual language. Far beyond mere documentation, we practice letting images speak. We explore the essence of metaphors and ways in which we can create a stage for entire stories in images. This is how images with a statement, with meaning and soul are created.


We work on and enjoy the topics in an alternation of short introductions, guided exercises and free photography.

Thanks to the small groups, we have enough time for personal exchange and individual questions. Discussion of the pictures as needed.


Photographers, writers, painters, sculptors, tax consultants, bricklayers.... In short: anyone interested in perception.

Simple previous knowledge of operating your own camera is helpful but not important. You need a simple digital camera. The most important instrument is yourself.



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