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Thought spaces :: Set N° 4

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Set N° 4

Game pictures - picture games. We don't stop playing
because we get old. We get old because we stop playing.

1: "Lucid dreaming" (At eye level with the freshwater pool)
2: "Dance of the nymphs" (A dance of street lamps)
3: "Dream big, little brother" (Dusty Crophopper in front of office lamp)
4: "Edison's Magie" (Spiral-wound filament in action)
5: "Celestial curtain" (Water curtain with spring colours)
6: "Between the worlds" (Soullights in a Church)


Set à 6 cards: 12.00 CHF
Set à 6 cards incl. envelopes: 14.00 CHF
From 5 sets: each set 11.00 CHF
From 10 sets: each set 10.00 CHF
Shipping cost: in Switzerland 6.00 CHF (free shipping from CHF 100+). Other countries: contact me for a quote.




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